Disloyalty Card Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Conspiracy Card cost money?
Except for the cost of your drink at each coffee shop, the Conspiracy Card does not cost extra

Is there an expiration date or time limit for the card?
At this time, there is no expiration date or time limit for which to complete the card.

If a shop has more than one location, do I need to visit all?
No. You only need to visit one of the locations.

Can I receive my free coffee at any Conspiracy shop?
No, your free coffee may only be obtained from your starting point – the shop you ordered your first drink from.

Will you be adding more shops to the Conspiracy?
We may decide to involve additional businesses in the future but we have no set timetable.

Is this legit?
Despite the modern derogatory usage of the word “conspiracy”, we assure you that our group is legitimate, our loyalty program honest, and there are no alien cover-ups, alternate JFK shooters, or mind-control goals through vaccine injections. :)

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designed by AGAB. with photos by Magda Majczak