Toronto Life looks at the rise of coffee-tasting in Toronto and the growing group of people who consider themselves connoisseurs, much like picky drinkers of wine. check it out.

Maclean’s did a piece about our seasonal Esmerelda offering. check it out!

CTV did a piece regarding our disloyalty card.

quote: “In fact, being disloyal to your neighbourhood barista will get you a free coffee”.

While that is technically correct as you are being encouraged to visit other independent coffee shops besides your neighbourhood establishment, we also like to think of it to mean you are being disloyal to the big chains all of us formerly frequented. :)

CBC News talks about our seasonal Esmerelda offering. click here to read the story

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May 18th, 2010 reviewed us shortly after we opened and praised the quality of our coffee and food.

quote: “While it’s a couple quarters more than I usually spend, sometimes flavour has got to take priority. I’ll certainly be back.

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We were profiled in’s article titled, The Buzz: Manic Coffee.

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The Globe and Mail has profiled Manic and the Conspiracy in a recent piece titled, Inside The Toronto Coffee Conspiracy.

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3D is incredibly hot right now because the technology today is more accessible for us regular folks and the quality is way better than the old red/blue glasses of years past.

Our virtual tour was great, but for an even greater feeling of immersion, we’re proud to present our College St location in Stereo, side-by-side 3D!

How To View The Pictures In 3D

Do you remember those old Magic Eye autostereograms that was all the rage in the 90’s?  They were posters and pictures that resembled random patterns of colour.  When you looked at them a certain way, 3D objects jumped out of them.  To see the pics below in 3D, you view them the same way as autostereograms: sit directly facing the center of each picture pair and about 2 feet away from your screen.  Focus on the center of the pair.  Now relax your focus as if you were looking at something behind the screen, much like when your vision focuses outwards when you daydream.  The two images will begin to merge and soon “lock” to form a 3D picture.  Congratulations!  You can now see in 3D!

Manic Coffee in Side-by-Side stereo 3D Continue Reading

Take a look inside Manic Coffee’s College Street location where you can get Toronto’s best cup of coffee.

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A virtual tour is great, but you can’t try our espresso drinks through your computer (not yet!) so check out our location and hours to plan your visit to Manic Coffee. We look forward to serving you.


Direct Trade Coffee

May 13th, 2010
Intelligentsia Direct Trade Logo

Intelligentsia Direct Trade Logo

While Fair Trade – sustainable agriculture and increased compensation to farmers in developing countries through the elimination of middlemen – is more widely recognized, coffee roasters in North America have begun a practice known as Direct Trade, which further enhances the ties between farmers and coffee producers.

Direct Means Direct

Pioneered by Intelligentsia Coffee, roasters travel to distant coffee farms, developing relationships with farmers, buying beans from these farms directly with no middleman or broker – still present to a lesser extent in Fair Trade practices.

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